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Onima Services and Solutions

Creative, engineering and product development group – prepare to be amazed.

We design, engineer, test and manufacture the best, most disruptive ideas.

Our Creative and Product Development Group is well-connected to a global network of technology partners, inventor communities and “dreamers” who continuously fill our ear (and our pipeline) with new ideas and technologies.

Working with these visionaries, our designers and engineers begin to imagine how the new technology could enhance the form or performance of various consumer products and brand marketing solutions.

Licensing and manufacturing group.

We have innovation to share.

We are ready to license our ground-breaking technology to you. By becoming a Onima Licensing Partner, you enjoy all the benefits of making “new news” in your category as you grow your leadership and sales opportunities…all without an expensive R&D department to support. Your Onima technology license represents a sure thing you can count on.

Because we have comprehensive “idea to shelf” capabilities, we can work with you to bring your product to market by providing the technology alone, or helping with design, engineering, sourcing and manufacturing.

Digital innovation group.

We create new ways for your brand to deliver digital incentives while bridging the gap between real life products and virtual world through use of technologies. Our digital strategy delivers compelling brand campaigns with spectacular results:

  • Augmented Reality Solutions – Complete Turnkey
  • System Print to Digital-Intelligent Print
  • Branded Game Development
  • Mobile Apps and Web Development

Our Diverse Product Innovation Expertise:

  • Innovative Packaging Technologies: Patented Print Techs, Audio, Lights, Sensors, Motion, Materials, Paper Engineering
  • Cutting Edge Patented Print Technologies
  • Patented Securities and Authentication Technologies
  • Disruptive and Innovative Label Solutions
  • Print to Digital Intelligent Print Technologies: Augmented Reality, AI
  • Innovative 3D Paper Engineering Expertise: Greeting Cards, Publications, Children’s Books
  • B2B and B2C Interactive Specialty Print with embedded technologies: Magazine Inserts, Direct Mails, Brochures
  • Printed Electronics: NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, Conductive Ink
  • Smart POS Display Technologies and Innovations: Augmented Reality, Immersive Touch Sensing Printed Displays, Video Display
  • Loyalty and Gift Card Programs
  • Value Added Packaging (VAP) Solutions
  • Candy and Confectionery Premiums and Packaging
  • Premiums, Toys and Incentives Programs
  • Giftware and Glassware
  • Sporting Goods: Innovative scooters and skateboards